Latest News: Wild Ride is currently on tour in Arizona, California, and Nevada in support of their new Running Man album. Check the tour date page for the full tour schedule!

Wild Ride's Running Man album is NOW AVAILABLE on itunes (and Amazon)! With original Wild Ride music written by Marek Lisiak and Kerri Berry, as well as 2 cover songs; James Taylor's "Fire & Rain" and The Runaways' "Cherry Bomb."  It's got some rockin' songs, as well as some more folk-rock type songs, with harmonica. Check it out!


Wild Ride is a rock band, based in Los Angeles, who rose to fame after opening for WAR, 2012, and Eric Burdon, 2013. They had a sold out show with Albert Lee in Jan. 2014, and have recently played with Dale Bozzio, Gene Loves Jezebel, and reggae band Third World.

Click To Play Video:      No Exit                                       Running Man