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Freedom Tour

Wild Ride is touring to Texas, in October, on our "Freedom Tour" in celebration of the release of our 5th album! We're on our way to play with the Texas Tornados, Mark Farner (formerly of Grand Funk Railroad) and The Outlaws. We're truly excited!!! Check out our tour dates page!

Wild Ride wins "Music Video of the Year!"

Thank you to everyone that voted for Wild Ride! We won "Music Video of the Year" at the Ventura County Music Awards, for Kitchen Rocker! Woo-hoo!!! We couldn't do it without you!


Wild Ride Radio !!!

Wild Ride music is the new bumper music for Wild Ride Radio, motorcycle talk show. Every week on Wild Ride Radio, you'll hear pieces from all of our different albums, played on Wild Ride Radio. We're very excited to have our music played on the show!

Wild Ride music to be played on Wild Ride Radio!

Wild Ride music is going to be played in rotation on wild ride radio, motorcycle talk show, starting july 16, 2016!!!!

Wild Ride opening for The Fixx!

Wild Ride is excited to be opening for "The Fixx" at The canyon club, agoura hills, ca, on sunday, july 10th, 2016. tickets available from our tickets page.

Wild Ride on tour with Richie RAMONE!

Wild Ride is going on tour with Richie RAMONE for 3 shows: June 3 San Diego, June 4 Las Vegas & June 6 Tucson, AZ!! We are very excited. We LOVE The Ramones!!!

Akademia Music Awards

We had an awesome time at The Akademia Music Awards Gala. We were picked up by limousine and taken to The Rose Bowl, photo's on the red carpet, and free wine & champagne!!! We've won a few awards at The Akademia, including Best Hard Rock Album for "European Invasion," best Hard Rock/Blues Song, "Kitchen Rocker" and best World Beat Song for "Angels".

Wild Ride won Best Hard Rock Album!

Wild Ride won the award for Best Hard Rock Album, at The Akademia Music Awards, Dec. 2015, for European Invasion!!!

Wild Ride at Amoeba Music



Just back from a quick Arizona tour. What a great trip! We made a lot of new fans, in Tucson, Mesa & Tempe. Arizona rocks!!!


Wild Ride has a number of entries in the 58th Grammy's! It's an honor to be a part of such a great organization!

Winners of Best Album!!!

Thank you to everyone that voted! Wild Ride won Best Album of the year, for Running Man, at the 20015 Ventura County Music Awards! We also were voted 3rd favorite band for People's Choice!!!

Wild Ride nominated for Ventura County Music Awards!

We are very pleased to be nominated in 2 categories, for the Ventura County Music Awards. We are up for best album, and best song! Thanks for all your votes!!!

Las Vegas Adventure, success!

Back from our second trip, recording in Las Vegas. Another successful session. Got 3 songs done, for our next album. Moving right along!!!

Las Vegas Adventure!

We just got back from Las Vegas. We had planned to maybe record our latest song, One Direction. We haven't even played it out live yet. We ended up not only recording it, but nailing it, and getting the final mix done! Thanks to Shane and Scott at Madlabz Studios. They recently moved to Las Vegas and we're happy to be the first recording artist at their new location! We plan to release it on itunes Feb. 14th, 2015.

Wild Ride, helping a good cause

We've found a great cause to support. Now 50% of our sales on Reverbnation go toward the Fender Music Foundation, a 501(c)3 national music charity that provides instruments to music education programs across the country, including schools. Doing what we love and helping others!!!

Running Man Tour!!!

We just got back from a successful tour to Arizona, Nevada and California, promoting our new "Running Man" album. It was so great to meet old friends, and make new friends on the way. Thank you to all of you for keeping our dreams alive!!! 

Our latest single is now out on itunes!


Fender Stratocaster by Marekman

Kerri Berry recording on vintage Rogers drums set.


Wild Ride show at Sky High Sports Camerollo


Wild Ride, with Jimmy Angel.

Wild Ride, with Jimmy Angel. (From left to right: Charley Tichenor IV, Jimmy Angel, Kerri Berry, Marek Lisiak). Jimmy was a 50's pop idol, and the adopted son of Joe Colombo Sr., New York crime boss. A documentary about Jimmy's life will be coming out soon. Here's a preview:


With Jerry Dee

Wild RIDE "Looking Out My Window" on itunes


Mendocino At Indie 100

"She's About A Mover" at Indie 100

At Wild Ride Music Festival

Sunday all day Music.

Marek, Michelle & Kerri at The Canyon Club

Jerry Dee



WILD RIDE at Skyline Studio

Breakfast at Nats

Great time at Roadhouse

Marek, Dan & Dale

Kerri Berry playing washboard

Kerri Berry playing washboard with J.T. Whitney & friends - Louisiana style :-)

Wild Ride & Eric Burdon


Click here for WILD RIDE & ERIC BURDON ticket April 20th 2013 7:00pm

Wild Ride is opening for rock 'n roll legend Eric Burdon. The English singer/songwriter rose to fame as the lead singer of The Animals, whose many hits include: We Gotta Get Outta This Place, The House of The Rising Sun, It's My Life, See See Rider, Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood, and many more. Eric Burdon also did a stint with the funk band, WAR, whose many hits include: Low Rider, The Cisco Kid, Spill the Wine and Why Can't We Be Friends? Come and celebrate with us at The Canyon Club in Agoura! Line up: 7pm: Wild Ride, 8pm: Illusion of Self, 9pm: Eric Burdon.

"Blister In The Sun" free download

Kerri Berry recording Breakfast Song

WILD RIDE At The Red Light District Radio Show

Tribute to Johnny Perez

Recording Johnny Perez song with Johnny Perez guitar.  

Wild Ride in the studio.

Wild Ride in the studio today to record new EP, Tribute to Johnny Perez


WILD RiIDE at Red Light District Radio Show

WILD RiIDE at Red Light District Radio Show. Saturday 23rd.2013 at 6:30pm

Listen here:!/user/redlightdistrictshow 

Blues Jam Last Night

I went to a Blues Jam last night and saw Willy Chambers playing the blues. After his show I couldn't wait to shake his hand.



Wild Ride's award from The Red Light District Show!!!

Wild Ride's award from The Red Light District Show!!! Thanks Red Light, you guys rock!!! 

St Patrick's Day Sale In The WILD RIDE Store


St. Patrick's Day Sale! Today only! Get your t-shirt for $20 with free shipping, OR whole package for $25: No Exit CD, T-shirt or tank, key-chain & pin - free shipping. Please email us.

Kerri Berry & Coco Montoya

Met Coco a few days ago. What a sweet & pleasant man!!!


Wild Ride is opening for Eric Burdon, at The Canyon Club!

Wild Ride is opening for the one & only Eric Burdon of The Animals!!! Email for tickets! The show is Saturday, April 20th, 2013, at The Canyon Club, a great venue in Agoura Hills, CA. Show starts at 7pm with Wild Ride....hold on ya'll!!!!


Tonight we have our first gig in Austin... Can't wait!

Our first single is out!

Our first single, "I Will Get You," is now available on itunes. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Our debut single is coming out soon! Stay tuned....

Weber's is Canceled

The gig at Weber's, Reseda, has been canceled. We'll keep you updated on future events. Please see tour dates!

Deer Lodge, Ojai

It was fun watching the audience jaw drop as Marek played some awesome solos fronting Wild Ride Saturday...;+ Bob.

Wild Ride at The Deer Lodge, Ojai

We had the most amazing time at Deer Lodge last night! "Wild Ride" kick-started the night at 7pm, followed by other great acts, including The Wailiens and, the very talented, Lucas Nelson & Promise of The Real. Awesome!!! Thanks to all of you who came out and made it even more enjoyable!

Tonight, Wild Ride & Rocket 68 at The Red Cove

We can't wait to rock the Red Cove tonight, with Rocket 68 in Ventura!

Green River By Wild Ride

You´╗┐ guys Rock!!!!!


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